CARTIER Santos Octagon SM Godron Bracelet

Item Number: CARTIER138

¥18,815.11 CNY


Model: Santos Octagon
Year: 1980s
Movement: Self-Winding (Automatic)
Case: 24x31mm (Without Crown)
Material: Stainless Steel / Yellow Gold
Bracelet: Original Bracelet
Bracelet Length: -17cm
Includes: Service Paper, Box

Completely serviced by Cartier Service Center in Dec 2021 The dial, hands, the crown was replaced with a brand new one in the service
Warranty is valid until Dec 2023
The case and the bracelet have been polished before service
Global shipping via FedEx International Priority

Cartier is a French brand that Louis-Francois-Cartier started his workshop as a jeweler in 1847, and has a very long history in the field of watches.

Santos de Cartier, which was born in 1904 and has been listed as a representative watch of Cartier since then, is the original Santos.

Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont consults with Cartier's third generation Louis Jose Cartier, "I want a watch that allows me to check the time without taking my hands off the control stick when flying an airplane." I was born from being done.

The Santos Octagon is characterized by its octagonal bezel, as the name suggests, in addition to the design of each part of the airplane screw that triggered its birth.

This watch is a self-winding model that existed in the 1980s, and unlike quartz (battery-powered), the second hand moves smoothly little by little.

The back cover is a little thicker than the quartz model, but it doesn't feel strange or heavy when attached.


size is a ladies' size called SM, and it looks a little smaller than the SM size of Santos Galve because it is rounded.

White dial with black Roman index, blued steel hands and classic Art Deco design.

The big feature of this watch is that the bracelet is not a design with normal screws, but a design called Godron Breath.

It is said that the pillar of the Greek temple was used as a motif, and similar designs can be seen in lighters and ballpoint pens sold at the same time.

Boucheron's wedding ring (engagement ring) also has a collection called Godron, which may be more famous.

Compared to the type of bracelet with normal screws, the number is very small and it is a highly rare model.

The Cartier logo on the buckle is unique to older models.

Bracelets can handle up to 17 cm.

Complete service completed in December 2021 at Cartier. The dial, hands and crown are replaced with new ones in the service

The replaced dial may have a clear coating, giving it a glossy appearance.
The impression is that the index is more prominent than the original one.

The warranty period is 2 years from the service and until December 2023.

The case and the bracelet have been polished before service

Cartier box and repair statement are included.

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  1. Can I check the actual item at the store?
    -Yes, You can check it at the store.

  2. Can I ask reserve the watch?
    -No, we do not reserve a watch until payment completed because we also sell our products on online store.

  3. Can you adjust my bracelet? 
    -Yes,If you indicate your approximate arm circumference when you place an order, we will adjust it and send it to you.
    (*Riveted bracelets and Folded bracelets need to be adjusted by our watchmaker, so please allow a little time for this.)

  4. How long does it take for "delivery after service"?
    -Please allow approximately 1month to 1.5 months from the time of order.
    (*It may take a little longer depending on the schedule of the wacthmaker and the number of customers.)

  5. Is there a payment deadline? (Bank transfer)
    -If we cannot confirm your payment within 2 days of your order, we will cancel your order.

  6. Can I order by cash on delivery?
    -No, we do not accept cash on delivery.
  7. Do you accept installment payments or BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later)?
    -No, We do not support installment payments or BNPL.
  8. Do you ship internationally?
    -Yes, we ship via FedEx International Priority.
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About Service
Service(Overhaul) is the process of disassembling a mechanical product down to its component parts, cleaning, and reassembling it to bring it back to the state of performance when it was new.

The overhaul procedure is roughly explained as follows
Separate the case and movement.
Disassemble the movement
Inspect each part for wear and tear and perform a preliminary cleaning.
Cleaning by a special machine
Lubrication and assembly
6. Water-resistance inspection (water-resistance function guaranteed)
7. Adjustment and running test
This is the process of the watchmaking process.

Some movements consist of several hundred parts, which are disassembled piece by piece, inspected, cleaned, and reassembled in an extremely precise process.

Without overhaul, just like a car, the oil deteriorates and the risk of wear and tear on the parts increases, causing a loss of precision or, in serious cases, the inability to run.

We recommend an overhaul every two to three years to ensure economical and long-lasting use of your watch.

About new finishing (polishing)

Vintage watches have been used for decades, and even the stainless steel used in many watches has become rounded at the corners, or has many small scratches on the surface that should be beautiful with a mirror finish.

At Albitro, we believe that our watches should be purchased in beautiful condition and used for a long time, so we sell them with a new finish.

Especially for dress watches with gold cases, we finish them to bring out the best of the precious metal case.

The watches sold at Albitro that have been newly finished are photographed in very high resolution, so you can see the edges are sharp and the mirror finish reflects the light.

Some cases and bracelets have a mixture of mirror and hairline finishes, but not many craftsmen are able to distinguish between them and finish them at a high level.

The "thinning of the case" is another area that is highly dependent on the skill of the craftsman. A watch with skinny lugs is far from its original design, and its appearance is unbalanced.

It is a very meticulous process to reduce the thinness of the case as much as possible while eliminating scratches and dents to bring the watch closer to its original finish.

Of course, in some cases, it is better to leave the watch in its original condition as it is, as it is the history of the watch and the original condition is important.

We look at each watch individually and decide whether it is best to finish it before selling it.

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